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    Help joining two datasets


      Ok, hoping again you can come to my rescue again on an issue.


      I have two separate datasets that I need help figuring out how to merge.

      A MS-sql server and a taxonomy file, that maps the names of the table values in the database.


      The taxonomy file has a column called Value, and a Name associated with this value.


      The values in the tables can be identical (as in ID1 and ID2) or unique as ID3.

      And are divided in to categories with the Name values: ID1Name, ID2Name and ID3Name



      What I need is help understanding how I can join the two datasets, and still be able to identify the correct Names values of the corresponding ID.

      ID1 should be ID1Name, ID2:ID2Name and ID3: ID3Name.



      Joining on ID1 and Value, gives me the correct Name om ID1 and ID2 as the ID values are similar, but Not ID3. (As in the attached file)

      Joining in ID1=Value, ID2=Value2 and ID3=Value3 gives me blank values on all fields…



      How do I join these two datasets in a way that gives me the correct Name associations…

      I do not have the option to modify the Excel Taxonomy file.


      There is most likely an obvious solution to this, that i am missing.