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    JSON row consolidation

    Christine Ventola

      Hi all, I'm not sure how exactly to phrase a search for my question, but from what I could find, I don't think it's been asked before. I have a JSON file that I need to read and want to display in a table. I created a calculated field to extract the attribute I'm looking for, but when I bring the columns in, my data is not sitting neatly on one line. If I exclude nulls in one column though, I eliminate the data in the other. I've attached a workbook which hopefully makes this clearer than I can. If this were a database, Source and Target would be their own dimensions and there'd be no problem.


      Here's what I'm seeing in Tableau:


      And what I would like it to look like:


      Is this something that's possible without manipulating the data before bringing it into Tableau? Thanks!