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    Sharing Workbooks That Use Python Calcs

    Emily Porter



      I recently added the TabPy server to my toolkit for data analytics.  The clients I have aren't tech savvy, so in the past I just executed code in python and took the resulting data set and plugged it into Tableau, created a dashboard where all remaining calculations needed for visualization were done.  Now that I have TabPy I'm hoping to do some coding in Tableau itself, however since everything needs to be done locally on my machine( localhost for TabPy and my clients will likely not want to download python or TabPy, what are my options for sharing a dashboard?


      Can I still just export the workbook with these calculations as a reader document without them breaking? Can I upload it to Tableau public and will they be able to access it that way (even if I'm technically the only one with python), are there alternative ways?

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Emily,


          Thank you for your questions about TabPy and Python.  I have moved this thread to our brand new Tableau Forum space - Tableau External Services for asking these sorts of questions.  We have a team here at Tableau monitoring this area and they may be able to best assist here. 



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            Nathan Mannheimer

            Hello Emily,


            Currently, any workbook that runs Python calculations will require a connection to TabPy, so for sharing workbooks that require Python there are two options. Since external service calculations are performed as table calculations, they are not persisted in the workbook or as extracts. At present, Reader and Public do not support TabPy connections.


            The first option would be as you described, to materialize the results and share those with the workbook.


            The second would be to run a TabPy server that would be accessible to your clients and point them to this server. TabPy Server can be accessed remotely by Tableau Desktop or Server.