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    Tableau server hosted in AWS Amazon, behind a ELB [load balancer]

    Dan Colbert

      Does anyone use a Tableau server in AWS behind a ELB, without HAproxy using dns records to allow connections to Tableau?

      Currenly, our ELB is in the AWS DMZ in the internal network range. Our Tableau server is in the Application layer in the network range. 

      We have set up a ELB Load balancer with ports 443 open to the outside using a ssl. The ELB has a external DNS record. [external.somednsname.com]  On the inside of the AWS ELB, the elb resolves to local internal addresses in the and range.
      The 10. address change constantly in AWS, but we have set up an internal dns record to resolve to the ELB [internal.aws-elb.local].

      Tableau is currently reachable from behind the ELB, but only because we have added the and ip addresses of the ELB to the trusted hosts. In AWS, these ip addresses change over time. When we add the internal dns record to tableau [internal.aws-elb.local] , it causes tableau to be unreachable, meaning, it seems to only like to use static ip addresses.

      We are trying not to use HA proxy for this set up. HA proxy uses a static inbound ip address, and many set up do use this. My questions is, can this be set up with just a ELB and Tableau without HA Proxy.

      IF on the other hand, HA Proxy is the only solution, then is it best practice to host HA Proxy in the DMZ with a External Public IP Address? OR Is it better to place it behind the ELB.  What would the haproxy.cfg file look like then to route traffic to Tableau?