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    Trend line for prior year & latest year in single

    Divya Bhati

      Hi All,


      I need 2 trendlines.

      one for prior year monthwise sales

      second for latest year monthwise sales.

      But the problem is prior/latest year is in integer .

      for a prior year I have written calculation : max(year(order date))-1

      for a latest year I have written calculation: max(year(order date))

      Now to convert this I have again written calculation:

      Prior year date:DATEPARSE("dd.mmmm.yyyy",STR([Prior Year])+"/01"+"/01")

      latest year date:DATEPARSE("dd.mmmm.yyyy",STR([Latest Year])+"/01"+"/01")

      but when i am dragging Prior year date/latest year date to view it is throwing null value.


      My main motto is to first calculate prior year & latest year from order date then for latest year /prior year I wanted to draw trendline monthwise in the same view using dual axis.

      The second motto is to show the difference between latest year sales & prior year sales and if the difference is higher then 0 then show uu arrow and if the difference is lower then 0 show down arrow but I wanted this arrow in my if condition. So can we place up/down arrow shape in if condition.

      for reference I am attaching twbx & screenshot what i want.


      Thank all in advance.