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    Trend line not showing

    Laura Urciuoli

      I am trying to add a trend line to my shape graph. It shows sum of dollars over time. The Column pill is continuous MONTH(Date), and the Row pill is also continuous SUM(Dollars total).


      When I go to Analytics I'm able to select trend line, I drag it to linear, and nothing happens. I don't get an error, or any notification, and no trend line shows up. What am I missing?


      Here is a screen shot of my viz:


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          Wesley Magee


          I'd have to see the workbook to confirm, but I think it has something to do with your date field. It looks like you're using a month date part, but if that was the case then when you made it continuous it would show the "+" option. My guess is that Tableau can't view the time series as a legitimate continuous series. If you can share the workbook, I'd be happy to take a look.


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            Jim Dehner

            Hi Laura

            I had no problem adding a trend line - see the attached


            I'm on 2018-1 saved down to 10.2 what version are you using?





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