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    Dashboard interactivity (sliding sheet to move content) breaking at server with hourglass

    Glenn Maples

      Great community, first post.  I've been getting up on Tableau the past 3 months and want to say thanks to all.  Special shoutout to Robert Rouse at Interworks, it's his IP I'm using pretty directly.


      Situation: I'm using an Icon to slide out a hidden sheet.  I really like this idea and think we will be using it a lot.  TBH, I've had some problems with the mechanics, but seem to have it working -- through some copying and pasting of Robert's sheets.  Everything works fine on the desktop.  But...



      1) On the server when I click on the popout icon to slide over the new sheet, the original sheet (with the calling Icon) becomes greyed out.

      2) The sheet that pops up looks and functions as expected.

      3) When I close the sheet that pops up, the initial sheet goes back to its original position.  But this original sheet is still greyed out and with an hourglass running on top of it.


      Work around:

      I can click on another tab in the dashboard and come back to the first tab and sheet appears and functions as expected.  Until I select the icon to bring up the hidden sheet and the problem reoccurs.


      I've tested Chrome and IE, getting the same behavior.


      Wondering if anyone has encountered something similar.  If necessary, I can dummy up a workbook.  Screenshots below, the second screenshot shows the right-hand (original) sheet greyed out. Remains grey after closing the pop-up sheet on the left and hangs with hourglass symbol when I mouse over.


      Many thanks for your time.




      bug 1.PNG


      bug 2.PNG