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    Waffle coloring

    Kelly McGrady

      I have a waffle chart and I'm doing SUM([Data Percentage]) >= SUM([Waffle (Waffle)].[Percentage]) the sum of the data percentage adds up to 100 but it is not coloring the 100 percent block on the waffle chart whats up with that.

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          Please see if the workbook attached in the Forum thread is similar to yours.


          I have two datasets: one where "Father" is the fills the whole set so it is 100%

          and another where there are three choices so "Father" is just part of it.


          Once I changed the color for "True" for "Color Percentage" on the color legend,

          it looked like 100% was showing up.


          If this doesn't match your setup, please adjust the workbook and dataset

          and re-post.