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    Beginning of month measure - End of month measure


      Hello. I have a measure and I want to take the difference between the measure for the first day of the month and the measure for the last day of the month. I can't seem to get this to work out.

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          Wesley Magee


          You're calculation might looking something like this:


          SUM(IF  {FIXED DATETRUNC('month', [Date]) : MAX([Date])} = [Date] THEN Sales END)

          - SUM(IF DAY([Date]) = 1 THEN [Sales] END)


          It will be dependent on having the first and last day of the month in your data.



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            Joe Oppelt

            IF [date] = DATETRUNC('month',[Date]) then [Measure] END


            That gets you the value for [Measure] on all rows where the [date] is the first of the month.


            DATETRUNC truncates the date value you give it to the beginning of whatever period you specify.  So doing 'month' on a value of April 15, 2018 will result in April 1, 2018.  Therefore only the rows where [date] = April 15 will get captures.  (All other rows get NULL.)  Then SUM([that calc]) will give you the sum for the first day of every month.


            To get the date for the last day of the month, do this:


            DATEADD('month', 1,. DATETRUNC('month',[date])) -1


            The inner datetrunc gives you the first of the month.  The dateadd adds a month, and the -1 at the end of the whole mess subtracts a day.  So April 15 becomes April 1, then dateadd changes it to May 1, then the -1 changes it to April 30.




            IF [date] = DATEADD('month', 1,. DATETRUNC('month',[date])) -1 then [Measure] END


            That will grab all data on the last day of any month.