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    How to get a URL that has a modified dashboard

    Jordan Sanjaya

      Hello everyone,


      I would like to know how to get a URL that includes a modified dashboard (filtered, dynamic parameter changes). I am creating functionality in share link button to allow users to share their modified dashboard and email/copy link their dashboards to one or more individuals.


      var vizURL = viz.getURL() - that is a default URL that a dashboard is unmodified. I am looking for a way to declare a variable to get the URL that includes a modified dashboard.


      I know viz.showShareDialog() will work, but I need to make my own modal with multiple buttons to get/send a link. I need to know how to get same method to show link as showShareDialog performs same thing.


      A dashboard should be able to be shared (with modifications via parameters and filters) via email. I am making anything in javascript with Tableau API. I am not required to do anything on Tableau desktop. I would appreciate if anyone can help me to find a way to get the URL from Tableau API through javascript or jQuery.


      Thank you so much!