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    Calculation Help

    Stephen Lanham

      Hi All,


      I have three different scenarios to try and solve a calculation that will give me counts


      1.  A ticket which opens in a certain queue, moves to another queue and does not return to the original queue.  In this example we start in IPS_COAF_CS_SUPPORT, we come back and leave again, but the last queue is not IPS_COAF_CS_SUPPORT

      2.  A ticket opens and never leaves the queue.  In this example the tickets starts in IPS_COHL_LO_SUPPORT and never gets assigned to another queue.

      3.  A ticket which opens in a queue, then leaves and goes to various other queues and the returns for closure.  In this example the ticket starts in IPS_COAF_LO_SUPPORT goes all over the place and comes back to IPS_COAF_LO_SUPPORT.


      I am looking for one calculation that will handle all three scenarios and only for certain queues ('IPS_COHL_SERVICING_SUPPORT','IPS_COHL_LO_SUPPORT','IPS_COAF_CS_SUPPORT','IPS_COAF_LO_SUPPORT') and return a count for each (count on IR#)


      I have attached my .twbx file.


      Thanks in advanced, this community is always very helpful!!!!