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    Using LOD calculation in data join

    Rahul Singh



      I am new to tableau and unable to find solution to a very basic problem. I have a master data containing list of county and state (call it demographics data) and another data on sales in these states and county. Now, i joined the two data using left join and trying to calculate total sales in a state with county names also in the view using LOD calculation. However, i am getting multiple sales value in a State. I don't know how to get uniform value across each county by modifying calculation or using some other method

      I have used this LOD function : { FIXED [State],[Fiscal Year]:SUM([Sales])} . I have added fiscal year to LOD as i need to use filter on year/quarter/month level in actual project.

      e.g in state Alabama i am getting value as 376, 268, 290 etc.



      Attached tableau packaged file and excel file.