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    Data Engine down status

    John Taylor


      I'm hoping to get some help with this as we're new to Tableau and Tableau server.


      The issue we are getting is that the data engine status regularly shows as down. This happens at least once per day.


      I'd like to know what is causing this and is there a way of making the status active without having to restart Tableau Server.


      Any help and guidance would be appreciated.  I have Googled the problem but without much success.



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          Mark McGhee

          Hi John,


          Just curious, what version of Tableau Server is your organization using?   Also, right after Tableau Server first starts up does Data Engine show as running and then shortly after flips?


          If you open a command window and go to the "bin" directory of Tableau Server you could run the command:    tabadmin status -v

          This is another way to look at the status of services though it's somewhat different in that it's really

          just checking to see if the process can be found and not if it might be hung.  The status screenshot you included, that one does a "ping" to the service and expects to get a reply back in a certain amount of time and if it doesn't it will show that service as down.


          My recommendation would be to open a support case so we can look at the Tableau Server log files.  Once Tableau Server successfully starts up each process will then make entries into its own log file so we'll be able to look inside the Data Engine log file to see if it's throwing any errors


          Support Case | Tableau Software

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            John Taylor

            Hi Mark, thanks for your reply.  We are using 'Tableau Server Version: 10.5.3 (10500.18.0404.1406) 64-bit Windows'.  This usually happens overnight, it tends to be stable during the day and then the data engine stops over night at some point.  I've run the cmd tabadmin status -v and go the following results.



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              Paulo Dantas

              hi John, did you check the Logs folder on the server? Try search for tabadmin.log

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                John Taylor

                Hi Paulo, yes I looked yesterday and there was no reference to 'Data Engine', there is in today's log file, but this is from when I performed the status -v cmd.  The log file is just telling me that the status is stopped.

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                  Mark McGhee

                  Hi John,


                  The prior command is another way to check the status.   There are a number of tabadmin commands and the easiest way to get the logs is just by running "tabadmin ziplogs".   This will result in logs.zip file being created in the bin directory.  Unzipping that log file it should have one for data engine. 

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                    John Taylor

                    Thanks Mark, yes I've just run this and it has zipped the logs to the bin directory, however can't see one for data engine


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                      Mark McGhee

                      Hi John,


                      Forgot that with the version you're on it now uses Hyper as the Data Engine component so ideally you'd see a Hyper folder.  I'm running 10.5.3 standalone and including a screenshot of what the log layout would look like.  Also, I'm guessing is this Production?   If  Data Engine was really down then I would think there'd be error messages when trying to pull up any visualizations that have extracts as the data source.  10.5.3_Logs.png

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                        John Taylor

                        Thanks Mark for your continued interest with this :-)


                        You're correct this is production.  Also when the data engine is showing as 'down' we do get error messages when trying to access a Vis.



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                          Mark McGhee

                          Hi John,


                          So I don't want to discourage you from using the forums since there are a lot of folks in the community willing to lend a hand.  But given this is Production would strongly recommend opening a support case from the link earlier in the thread if you haven't already.   It's possible you might get an answer from the forum first and that's fine but that way you're already have something in the hopper just in case.   Would imagine end users are getting anxious if they're hitting errors on a daily basis.

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                            John Taylor

                            Thanks Mark sounds good to me. 

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                              Andrew Bickert

                              Hi John,


                              I agree completely with Mark that you should have a ticket opened on a Production issue to make sure it gets resolved in a timely manner. Out of curiosity, have you set up an alerts to notify you when a service is down or are you going in to the services area to check every day. There are several scripts you can use to send an email/text to notify you if a service goes down and they are very handy.



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                                John Taylor

                                Thanks Andrew have raised this as a support call

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                                  Jason Scarlett

                                  Did you ever get an answer? We have the same issue (random failure at night ... and one daytime). I already have a ticket open, but would like to know where to look in the log files in the mean time.