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    * Value when using Color Mark with Primary & Secondary Data Sources

    Jason Hanser

      I can't share the workbooks because they contain confidential information, but I took screenshots.


      The graphs show the amount (dollars) paid out by month to various departments, selected via a filter. You can also filter out how the money was paid out (Sick time, vacation, regular time, over time, etc). However, when I select two or more "Earn" categories, I get some weird results. The values for each "Earn" category are smaller than the actual amount and there is this * value. I assume the * represents people who were paid multiple ways in a month (so it is aggregating by person and not by Person and Earn category).


      I'm pretty sure this has to do with the fact that the data for the paid amount comes from the secondary data source, as I can make a graph using only the secondary data source and not have this issue (bottom graph). But, I want the Main Department filter, which is a group, to filter across data sources. So that if you select Department X on a dash, all graphs filter to that department (opposed to just graphs that use the same data sources).








      Here are the guts to the first/top graph (I circled the * in red):




      Here is the second/bottom graph:




      Sorry if this is confusing. I am probably not doing the best job of explaining it.