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    Percentage of Data Showing

    Julia Cobb



      I would like to display the percentage of total data showing with the filters applied.


      For example, if I had 2 transactions, 1 for $10 and and 1 for $90 and I set a filter to only show me transactions greater than $50, I would want it show that I have 90% of my total dollar value showing.


      Ideally I wanted some form of progress bar or something to visually show it, but I will settle for just a simple number in the corner at this point.


      I have never been so frustrated with a program in my life

      Any help is appreciated

      Thank you!

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          Dan Cory

          Attached is one version of this. I used the current version of Tableau 2018.1 since you didn't say if you were using an older one.


          The basic idea is to create a calculation like:

          {EXCLUDE State: SUM([Sales])}/({FIXED:SUM([Sales])})

          where State is your dimension and [Sales] is your measure.


          The numerator (using EXCLUDE) will obey the filter, while the denominator (using FIXED) will ignore the filter.



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            Julia Cobb

            Thank you, Dan. Unfortunately I'm on 10.5.3, so i can't open the workbook. I tried winging it using the formula you put and it's not wanting to work. it's giving me a range and the max percentage I can get is ~24%. Do you have the ability to put the book in an older version? If not, i'll have to update.  Thanks again

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              Dan Cory

              Here you go!



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                Julia Cobb

                Thanks Dan. It's still not wanting to work for me. I have multiple dimensions so I added those in to the Exclude as well. I also have multiple axes, but that doesn't seem to have any effect on the workbook you sent over. It just says "All" until about 8% is showing, then it shows the percentage until about 6% then it says "None". My chart is a network graph, so maybe the relationships are screwing it up. Oh well. I'm just going to calculate it in excel and keep the column hard coded. Thank you for your help.