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    Dashboard sizes for web embedded tableau views

    Naveen Kankate

      Hello everyone,


      Thanks a lot for reading this post.

      In your experience ;

      1) What are the best or standard dashboard sizes you use to avoid scroll bars?

      2) How does one decide the criteria for deciding the size of dashboard

      3) What sizes are commonly used for embedded dashboard in web (Websites or portals)

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          Hello Naveen,


          To share my experience, it depends on the audience's device.

          This is also the common answer of mine for Q2 & Q3 .

          For Q1 there's no fixed size for me.


          Not only for dashboard size, but also for the total design of the dashboard, the things I keep in mind include

          - Who are my target audience of the workbook?

          - Which device(s) do they use to view the workbook?

          - What information do they want? A conclusion or detailed facts? Is interaction necessary or just a static image enough?...

          - What information do I want to present?

          and so on.


          When the above things are clear to me, then I can go down to the detailed settings.


          - Dashbaord size

          - The number of worksheets in the dashbaord, the layout, interact order

          - For each worksheet, viz type, size, font, size (standard / fit width / fit length / entire view), awareness of "####" (length not enough)

          and so on.