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    Call Center type dashboard

    charles carter

      Hi Everyone,


      I started this project in MS Power BI but the dashboard isn't mature enough to do what I need.  So I'm investigating Tableau to see if it's a better solution.  If a Tableau guru has the time I'd appreciate your comments on the following...


      Essentially I have all the data/dataset sitting in SQLite tables ready to display.  My goal is a real-time dashboard that shows the following:


      1. Agent name, agent state (idle, on call, hold) and the split/skill answered (updated every 2 seconds),

      2. Split/skill key performance indicators (calls offered, calls waiting, calls abandoned, etc) (updated every 20 seconds),

      3. Call Center floor status (a visual .svg type representation of the call center floor and positions)(updated every 2 seconds),,

      4. Call Center Summary data (calls offered, waiting, abandoned, and service level per split/skill) (updated every 15 mins, resets to zero at midnight).


      Power BI simply wasn't able to show the above in real-time because Push data is immature.


      Second, Power BI's reports were awesome, but the reports did not export with totals.  Interested in learning how Tableau does reporting and if the reporting exports to excel/pdf in a comprehensive manner (meaning with sub and grand totals).


      Finally, what cost in Tableau am I looking at the accomplish the above?  Currently I'm just trying to get a proof-of-concept going with one 'super' user.  If the proof is there then I would need to investigate the cost of allowing others to view/modify/print reports and dashboards.


      Any help greatly appreciated.