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    Tableau Prep - Server SSL certificate chain

    Thomas Walters

      We're using an internal certificate authority where we have a root and one intermediate, so the certificate chain looks like: ROOT-CA --> SUB-CA --> TABLEAU-SERVER.  In our Windows 10 image we have the ROOT-CA in "Trusted Root Certification Authorities," and the SUB-CA is placed in the "Intermediate Certification Authorities" certificate store, but in this configuration Tableau Prep give us the "You are using server version: null..." error and won't connect.  After some playing around with it, it seems we have to move the SUB-CA to the Trusted Root Certificate Authorities store in order to get Tableau Prep to connect to the server.  Does that sound right?  Why wouldn't it be able to follow the chain with the intermediate certificate in the Intermediate Certification Authorities store and only the root certificate in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store?  It seems backwards to put the intermediate certificate in the Root store.