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    Calculated Field for Multi Row Data Results

    Trisha Ann

      In my data set I have multiple rows for the same #. Each row represents a task that then contains a result. I would like to add a Calculated Field that says IF (Result) = "no" THEN "Rejected", but my problem is I want the new Calculated Field to say "Rejected" for each row of that # column that has a "no" and I am unsure how to do that. Does anyone have any ideas?


      Current Data Set:

      #           Task   Result

      0001     Open      yes

      0001     Close     no

      0001     Add        yes

      0001     Remove yes

      0001     Cancel   yes

      0002     Open     yes

      0002     Close     yes

      0002     Add        yes

      0003     Open      no

      0004     Open      no

      0004     Close      yes

      0005     Open      yes

      0005     Close      yes

      0005     Add         yes

      0005     Remove  yes

      0005     Cancel    yes


      Desired Data Set:

      #           Task   Result   New Calculated Field Here

      0001     Open      yes    Rejected

      0001     Close     no      Rejected  

      0001     Add        yes    Rejected

      0001     Remove yes    Rejected

      0001     Cancel   yes    Rejected

      0002     Open     yes    Null

      0002     Close     yes    Null

      0002     Add        yes    Null

      0003     Open      no     Rejected

      0004     Open      no     Rejected

      0004     Close      yes   Rejected

      0005     Open      yes    Null

      0005     Close      yes   Null

      0005     Add         yes   Null

      0005     Remove  yes   Null

      0005     Cancel    yes   Null