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    Swap Date forms

    Isaiah Huang

      Dear all,

      Here I have a question regarding swapping the date forms with keeping date formats

      As shown in the attached file,

      when the date is shown in month, then it appears as "January 2017" (worksheet "monthly")

      when the date is shown in quarter, then it appears as "2017 Q1" (worksheet "quarterly").

      Both formats are desired.

      But after building a "Date Type" parameter to swap the date format between monthly and quarterly, it is shown as:

      monthly: 1/1/2017, 2/1/2017, 3/1/2017....

      quarterly: 1/1/2017, 4/1/2017, 7/1/2017,... (worksheet swap 1)


      After some adjustment, "worksheet swap2" is the best I could do. I can not have different formats for different date forms.


      Does anyone know how to keep the date format not changed (in this case: month as "January 2017"; quarter as "2017 Q1") while swapping between to date forms?