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    Roadmap for OData support

    Edward Zents

      Currently you can connect to an OData data source but supported is quite limited. Are there any plans for improving the OData connector? Can I find this information somewhere? Possible improvements would be:

      • Support the browsing of OData service documents
      • Support "live" connections (for at least the most basic OData functionality like $select, $expand, $top etc..). So defining data source filters on an OData source should push down the filters to the OData service.
      • Use metadata document to detect relationships between OData sources. After importing two OData sources I have to define the relationship manually even though this is defined in the metadata of the OData service.
      • Incremental refresh of OData sources.


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          Hello Edward,


          I will raise this thread to the Product Management team of Tableau to see if we can provide some additional information on the roadmap for OData support.


          If you find some ideas that capture the desired added functionality please upvote it. The development team does review the ideas for each release planning cycle.


          + Ideas


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick

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            Edward Zents

            Hi Patrick,


            Thank you for raising this thread to the team. Even if there is nothing planned it would be good to know. I'll start looking into the ideas as well.



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              Martin Vauthier

              Thanks Edward/Patrick, this is exactly what we need to see happening sooner than later - Odata is the ultimate way to make data exchange over the web easy and some of Tableau's competitors handle this very well. As a product manager for a B2B software company I can tell the protocol is quite a revolution compared to traditional methods and it's really unexpected to realize Tableau doesn't capitalize on it. Companies are looking for BI tools that can connect easily to their data and Odata is by far the most user friendly manner i've seen out there.



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                Karl Johan Kleist

                Especially, when implementing OData v4, do please support JSON instead of soon-to-be deprecated ATOM (as discussed in Support of OData v4 ).


                The document What’s New in OData Version 4.01  writes:


                7 Pruned: OData Atom Format  


                The Atom format has very little adoption. It’s going to be deprecated and hasn’t been updated to reflect the new 4.01 features.

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                  Drew Loika

                  Many thanks to Edward Zents and others here. The current OData connector limitations are something we're painfully aware of and intend to improve. But to make sure I set the right expectations, I can only commit to this being on our long-term roadmap. Thank you for your feedback.


                  Drew Loika
                  Senior Product Manager

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                    Louise van Loo

                    I too was quite disappointed to find out afterwards that the Odata is not well supported in Tableau (no joins only blends), especially since it is my main means of data input. We have had to set up a Microsoft SQL server just to be able to join serveral odata feeds into 1 feed so it becomes more workable in Tableau and that we are able to do incremental refreshes. Some of our clients use Big Query to establish the same.


                    I think we would also be helped a lot if Prep would be able to handle Odata 


                    Kindest regards,