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    MTD running sum

    chowdary v

      hi all,


      Total month sales are ok but the problem is MTD

      my MTD sale is may 1st 100, may 2nd 200, may 3rd 500 up to may 31st like this

      I want running sum for MTD like

      today date is 8th so I want (ist+2nd+3rd------+8th)= (100+200+500+-----+200) like this

      I want to show day wise difference for eg:

      month        total month sales        MTD                                                         difference

      may1          2500                             100                                                             2400

      may2           2500                            (1st+2nd day)=(100+200)=300                  2200

      may3          2500                             (1st+2nd+3rd day)=(100+200+500)=800  1700 like this


      remember I have data up to may 31st I want to calculate may 1st to 8th MTD running sum remaining days I want to show null or zeros



      how can I calculate MTD running sum