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    How to switch different Geo role in map?

    Yadan Wei

      I want to draw a map show the country distribution of security  market value, as security has issuer country and issue country, i need to switch between them.


      Here is what I do now


      Step 1: Create a parameter to switch issuer and issue


      step 2 : Create a calculated field

      CASE [Parameters].[Issuer/Issue Country]

      WHEN "Issuer" THEN [Country Of Issuer]

      WHEN "Issue" THEN [Country Of Issue]



      Step 3: Change the calculated filed to Geo role: Country


      Step 4: Use this filed to draw map

      Then the question is the map is there but has no market value marks.


      Am i right to do it like this or is there any other way can do it?


      Thank you very much.