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    How to count First instance of value per window Year?

    Felix Melendez



      I have the following issue:


      I need to prioritize my alarms by year . So for example P1 = 2018, P2=2019, P3=2020. Then I need to count how many fall under each Priority.  I have done the following:



      But If you notice,  I have duplicate of alarm count based on the projected date. How can I count the distinct first instance and associate it to the correct Priority.


      For example if its projected to have an alarm on 2018,2019,2020, then I want to count the minimum year and associate it to P1.


      Example2 :  Alarm projected on 2019,2020 then it should be P2.


      Example3:  Alarm projected on 2020 then it should be P3.


      I  have been trying multiple way and reading on different threads searhcing for something similar and I can't seem to find how to resolve this.


      Any suggestion? I will truly appreciate it.  I am using Tableau 10.4



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