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    Default geometry extents (zoom) for datasources created using the Tableau Extract API 2.0

    Martin Henrion

      Hi All,


      I have been using the Tableau Extract API in Python to create hyper files that contain geometry fields. The script reads a view in PostgreSQL which contains geometries as well-known-text fields of data type Text which are loaded into the extract file as Spatial type fields. The process runs fine and the extract can be opened in Tableau with the geometries showing up as expected. No dramas there.


      However, when I drag the geometry fields onto a sheet the map appears as an entire world map. That is, it is zoomed out as far as possible. This is in contrast to extracts created within Tableau (by joining data to spatial files or reading only spatial files) where the extent of the map on a sheet (the default zoom) is the bounding box of all the geometry objects.


      Has anyone else experienced this? Any thoughts on this divergent behaviour?


      I am using ...

      > Tableau 10.5

      > Python 2.7.13

      > Tableau Extract API 2.0

      > PostgreSQL 9.6 / PostGIS 2.3.2