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    Is it possible to create 3 line graphs using 3 Measures?

    ShivaRam Chennapragada



      Hopefully this is simple which I seem to can't get my head wrapped around.


      I have a requirement, where the user would like to see 3 measures.

      • There is a date field "Event Date" and a Measure "Total (expense) Incurred".
      • User would like to see a line for each of the following, for which I have created a calculated field for each
        • Current Year - YTD
        • Prior Year - Full prior calendar year
        • Last 5 Years

      This is how I have it currently, but I would like all 3 in a single view (something like dual axis but all 3). I tried to convince the user with combination of bar graphs with reference line but user insisted on 3 line graphs. As you can see in the screenshot, Current Year starts from the end of Prior Year while I want to match with YOY comparison.


      Appreciate any suggestions, workarounds.


      Thank you,

      Shiva Ram.