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    Filtering table data using column selection

    Patrick K

      Hi all,


      I have a table with 3 columns "Program", "Procedure", and "Process" which i placed within "Rows". The table contains data results based off of X for now, what I am trying to achieve is when you click for example the "program" column or any field name within the "program column" the data in the table changes to reflect total program % and remains highlighted. And if I were to click the "Procedure" column or a field name within the "procedure" column then the table would reflect total procedure % and so on.


      I have achieved this by creating a parameter and using a filter  and a calculated field but I would like to improve this feature by doing what I described above.


      IF [Values to show] == 'Program' THEN [%REG Program]

      ELSEIF [Values to show] == 'Process' THEN [%REG Process]

      ELSEIF [Values to show] == 'Procedure' THEN [%REG Procedure]

      ELSE [%REG Program]



      can this be done? if so guidance would be greatly appreciated.