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    Tree Map Grouping and Nesting Sorting

    Austin Sayre



      I have an idea to combine nested sorting and tree maps but am not sure if it is possible. I would like to be able to show the top N performers for a given measure value and then group the remaining performers in one box (the size of this box would represent the cumulative performance of all those not in the top N).


      To give some more context, I am trying to illustrate how a few individuals are responsible for the majority of production for a given measure value. I would like to do this using a tree map because I think that it conveys the levels of production most efficiently and I like the possibility of being able to compare top individuals to a group.


      To add one more layer of complicity, every performer is part of a distinct region (Northeast,Southeast, Pacific Coast....) and I would love the ability for the top N function to be unique to the region in context. Meaning the 10 N from Northeast, the top N from Southeast, and so on.


      Please let me know if this is possible or if my request is not clear.