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    Mapping data from Second Source

    sathish Chidambaram



      Need help in mapping the data from different source to the category and Sub-subcategory. ‘Planned sales’ & ‘Current Sales’ `are from Source 1 and they have multiple records for each proj. Source table 2 which have ‘Estimated sales’ for that year.


      Want to map the source 2 date respective with source 1 Cat/subcategory  and present the final data in Hierarchy order: Group, Project, Category, Sub category as shown below.  I tried to created new calculated filed 'Estimated Sales' and assign the values to Sub Category level,  ‘Estimated Sales’ values is not rolling up based on the hierarchy. For Sub category level, I seeing correct values but after rolling up to category/ project level its not adding up.


      I appreciate any help you can provide!


      Issue with Estimated Sales: