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    Total Sales

    chowdary v

      Hi All,


      I have data Jan 17 to may 31st 2018.

      I want to calculate (total may month sale) - (month to date sales) how can I calculate.


      for eg (total may month sale) = 25000 and may 1st sales = 400 i want 25000- 400=24600

      may 2nd sales = 1000 i want 25000-(400+1000)=23600

      I want above type calculation I am using the fixed function for  (total may month sale) but I don't know how to use exactly

      please help me out with this

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi you really should include your twbx workbook so we can check the formulas below



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            chowdary v

            hi jim,

            it's not useful for my requirement

            Total month sales are ok but the problem is MTD my MTD sale is may 1st 100 may 2nd 200 may 3rd 500 up to may 31st like this

            I want running sum for MTD like

            today date is 8th soo i want (ist+2nd+3rd------+8th)= (100+200+500+-----+200) like this

            I want to show day wise difference for eg:

            month        total month sales        MTD                                                         difference

            may1          2500                             100                                                             2400

            may2           2500                            (1st+2nd day)=(100+200)=300                  2200

            may3          2500                             (1st+2nd+3rd day)=(100+200+500)=800  1700 like this


            remember I have data up to may 31st i want to calculate may 1st to 8th MTD running sum remaining days i want to show null or zeros



            how can I calculate MTD running sum