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    Top 5/Bottom 5 and Action on Map Countries to Cities

    sandeep raheja

      Hi Everyone,


      I need your help today.


      I am working on the data wherein i have Country data, City data and contracted Values with respect to Cities. I have two requests :


      1) I need to map all the counties on one map and want to highlight the top 5 and bottom 5 countries depending on their Contracted values. For Example, we have 20 countries now i would like to highlight top 5 countries with blue color - for say the United States has 6 occurrences in the data - so we will take average of those 6 values to arrive at one value of United States and similarly we will do same for other countries and will do the highlighting.


      2) If we click on the country then we should be able to drill down to the cities in that country and accordingly should be able to see the contracted value for those cities if available in the data.


      Your help will be much appreciated.


      Attached is the workbook for your reference.