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    Caching the load of workbook for better user experience

    Patrick Burger



      I am quite new in the Tableau Environment, such as our company which has deployed Tableau for over 1 one year now. Hence, we are still green and learn.


      One of the most recurrent feedback is the speed to load the workbook.

      We are using redshift as our data warehouse, we always present flat table to Tableau. Our tableau server is 10.3, 8 cores.


      In our journey to improve the performance, we have worked on:

      • building extracts fit for purpose
      • having the caching option as refresh less often
      • looking at moving from 10.3 to 2018.1 for using hyper
      • looking at optimising our workbook.


      We also observed another option which is this folllowing:

      After the extract has been daily refreshed, the first user loading the workbook has to wait for a long time (around 30s) before being able to use the workbook.

      But then, the following user can open it twice faster (below 15s).

      I googled and looked for some information on this fact but couldn't find too much, probably I am not using the key words.


      hence this thread.

      I would like to create a script for the machine hosting tableau server opens some key workbooks after the extract have been refreshed (every morning at 8:00).

      Do you know where can I find this kind of script ?


      Thanks for your help.