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    Convert to role-based licences

    Michael Begg



      I am an existing Tableau user with 1 Desktop & 3 Tableau Online seats.


      I was looking at the new pricing (Tableau Pricing for Teams & Organizations) for Teams and fully hosted by Tableau, and noticed the following:

      1. They have replaced Desktop with Tableau Creator, which includes Desktop, Tableau Prep & one seat for Tableau Online, however the price remains the same (US$70/mth).
      2. They have introduced Tableau Explorer, which includes one license for Tableau Online at the same price (US$42/mth).


      Given the pricing is unchanged, and there was nothing to say otherwise on the website (including in the FAQs), I thought this would be a simple conversion for existing users with no additional costs required. Post-conversion, I was expecting to have 4 licenses to Tableau Online (the 3 existing ones, plus the one that now comes with Tableau Creator), however my account manager has told me I must purchase one additional Tableau Explorer license before the conversion can be processed.


      I don't mind special conditions like this where they are transparent, but I don't feel like this is case here as there is nothing on the website.


      I also question whether this special condition is legal under Australian Consumer Laws given the price is the exact same, and the answer to the FAQ "Do I need to upgrade to take advantage of these new offerings" indicates to me that no additional cost is required...so if an additional cost is required, I would argue the website is deceptive/misleading.


      Has anyone else had a similar experience?