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    Waterfall based on aggregated numbers

    Jane Wong



      This is a bit complex to me and I am not sure where to start. I want to do a waterfall, based on aggregated numbers.


      Attached Tableau workbook. In my example, I want to have city level waterfall filtered by City, in each city have the following 3 categories in the waterfall chart.


      New to Company  -- clients were not exist in 201802 but exist in 201803

      Existing client change – total stock level change for those client both in 201802 and 201803

      Leave company – clients who existed in 201802 but not exists in 201803


      The overall number in waterfall should be:

      Start point is 7400

      New to Company should be 870 (client 325411)

      Existing client change is -1050 (-1050 = 5750-6800 which is the net change from client 455705,456892,662178,784615)

      Leave company is -600 (client 945253)

      End point is 6620


      Thanks for your help!