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    Total count of consecutive yearly order (by customer)

    Yichuan Yu

      Hi, below is data from SuperStore.
      It is the max count of consecutive yearly order of customers.

      So if a customer ordered in 2014, 2016 and 2017, the max count is 2.

      I would like to produce a Bar chart of the total consecutive count of all customers.

      For example,

      1 consecutive yearly order : 20 people

      2 consecutive yearly order : 30 People

      3 consecutive yearly order : 15 People

      4 consecutive yearly order : 10 People


      I can only get as far as the below. Can someone help? Thanks!


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          Jennifer VonHagel

          Hi Yichuan,


          This is a brute force method of calculation that works only when 4 years are in play.  This kind of problem should be good for a table calculation, because we can evaluate along any number of years for each customer to get an answer; however, it is difficult to then use a table calculation as a dimension against which we can count distinct customers.


          So this calculation just looks at each possible combination of results - again, it works only for data that has up to 4 years to check for.