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    How to show default view in the line chart when both sheets are selected one after another.

    Swetha J



      I have 4 sheets in a dashboard.

      When I select "CentralBrown" sheet  and choose one of the category as "Nature" bar (Orange color), Its corresponding line chart is shown which is working good.


      But when I select "SouthPink" sheet, I wanted to show line chart only for "Nature" but it shows for all of them including Nature, Appointment, Power, Test and sub.

      How to show only  "Nature"  corresponding data as "default" in the line chart while changing from "CentralBrown" to  "SouthPink" or viceversa.


      When I select "Show All Values" in edit action filter, it shows all categories but I wanted to show only "Nature" bar (Orange color) line chart by default.


      Is there a way to show default view in tableau for both "CentralBrown" and "SouthPink" which is "Nature" bar (Orange color) in the "line chart"?


      Attached updated Workbook.



      Swetha J