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    How to change Tableau Server Authentication from Active Directory to Local Authentication?

    Manoj Kavali

      We moved our Tableau server to DMZ because of some compliance issue


      Before we used to access the tableau server using Active Directory, and also when adding the users it was asking active directory credentials.


      Now we moved Tableau Server to DMZ ,  Active Directory and DMZ doesn't talk each other because there will be no internet access in DMZ, how to set up access for Tableau users in that case?


      For some reason in Tableau Server 10.4 version, I am unable to change authentication to local, since it is greyed out how to fix this?


      I followed this article Changing Authentication , But if you see method 3 and step 5  it is again pointing to the active directory, this is where I was confused since we need to use local authentication on Tableau server 10.4, Can anybody help on this issue?


      Open a browser window, and enter http://localhost the address bar to create the administrator account for Tableau Server.

      If you are using Active Directory authentication, the account for the Tableau Server administrator account must be an existing Active Directory user.


      Please send me any pointers regarding this?