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    Help with Data Blending on 2 sources


      Looking for some help with blending data sources. I currently have 2 sheets of data:


      1. Contact sheet with name and email

      2. Tracker sheet with activity, email, and completion status


      In sheet 1, I'm blending using the 2nd data source as my primary source to prevent asterisks (present in sheet 2 due to more than one matching value (email) in the secondary source). However, this is creating the problem where I can't see all 5 contacts on my report. Is there a way to structure this so I can see all contacts regardless of if they've completed any activities?


      Desired Result:


      Thanks in Advance!

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          Don Wise

          Hi Alex,

          Please see newly attached workbook and screenshots below.  Looks like both sheets are actually available in the data window.  I performed a LEFT JOIN on those two sheets using your EMAIL as common fields.  Created a new 3rd worksheet showing how your data will look using the JOIN capability.  If this resolves your issue, please mark it as correct, or if not as helpful.  Thx, Don


          Left Join on Email.png

          New Datasheet using JOIN.png


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          Looks like some email addresses are missing from the Tracker Sheet, which would account for the Nulls column in the table.  Meaning, if filtering out the Nulls column, you'll lose the rows for Contact 4 and Contact 5 as there's no relationship for Contact 4 or 5 to any other Dimension data.  Also, as to why "0"'s are not displaying, even when specifying for a "0" be in the column via calculation: Displaying 0 in null fields Tableau can't make up data if there isn't any data to begin with...


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            I've tried using the join functionality, but the problem with it is that you get a NULL column for Activities as seen in your screenshot. I can filter the column out, but it becomes an issue when the NULL value is available in drop down filters that end users can use.


            Is there a way to hide the NULL values from an Activity dropdown menu on a dashboard if I do go this route?

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              Don Wise

              Hi Alex,

              You can simply HIDE the column as shown below and still keep Contacts 1-5 if that's the desired end-result:


              Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 4.47.21 PM.png


              If using Activities as a Filter, then yes NULL will still show as an option, but by hiding the column you'll still keep Contact 4 and 5.