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    Calculation on Adding days to specific date based on some conditions

    Amit Desai



      I have been working on one of the project about student enrollment in specific university.


      Please see attached filed with data in it, however, there is 'Result' column which i am looking for from calculation.


      Here is scenario, there is hiring date for each student but completion date (Due Date) for student who hired before 31 December 2017 should be as it is. However, for other student enrolled on and after 1 January 2018, due date should be +60 days to due date of students enrolled on and before 31 December 2017. For more detail, please refer attached file as it has clear idea what and where i am looking.


      I have tried different IF statement to get that answer but not able to solved it.


      For Example, first i did create one variable call [A_DueDate] by applying this formula;


      IF [Hiring Date] <#1/01/2018# THEN DATEADD ('day',60,[Due Date]) Else [Due Date] End


      Then i called that variable by using another IF statement like below;

      IF [Hiring Date] > #1/01/2018#  THEN [A_DueDate] Else [Due Date] End


      But didn't work. Then i tried to include nested IF statement but that didn't work too.


      Can any one please help me out to get required result as shown in attached excel file?


      Any help would be appreciated.


      If you have any questions then please feel free to ask me any time.