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    Cascading filter that remembers selection and grand total colour




      I've got a long list of items in my Items filter and I'd like to filter them by category with a cascading filter. For example, I'd use the filter Category 'Beverages' and would select Cola, which would show up in my waterfall chart. Next, I want to select a burger, so I'd have to go back to Category and select Beef & Pork. However, this means I'd lose my beverage selection. Is there a way Tableau can "remember" the selection in my category filter rather than erase it? I'd like to build a menu with a beverage, burger, side etc.


      Secondly, I'd like the grand total to be red. I can't use the colour marks card since it's static and the seletion of my items changes depending on what I want to display. Can I create a calculation to seperate the grand total from the yellow items?