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    Specify a distinct color for NULL values

    Jacopo Primavera



      I have a very simple dataset containing the "Doing business index" for 250 countries in the world. Since the index is available only for 190 countries, I have 60 countries with missing values.


      I am producing a choroplet map in Tableau Public 018.1.0. and by default the countries with missing values are assigned the value 0 and colored accordingly. For example Greenland has missing value, but it is assigned a value of 0 so that follows in the dark green range of my diverging palette (see image below)




      To avoid this I have filtered out missing values (see now Greenland simply disappears from the map).




      But the real solution I am looking for is to color these missing countries with a specific color (e.g. grey) while keeping the diverging palette for all Non-Null countries.


      Do you have any idea how can I achieve this?


      Thanks a lot,