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    Hide and show on dashboard using action filter

    Raheel Farooq

      Hi All,

      I have a stacked bar sheet on the dashboard where I have action filters applied to show and hide the selected category data in detail in another sheet placed at the bottom.

      I dont want to fix the height of the main sheet but the bottom detail sheet only and at the same time want to hide the bottom detail sheet when none selection is made in the top stacked bar sheet. In the current implementation it keeps on changing the height of main stacked bar sheet based on the size of data in the bottom sheet.


      I want your help in fixing the height of the bottom sheet/chart only, so when a user clicks on any of the stack - the below chart should appear to a fix height and in case of no selection the whole dashboard should display just the main stacked bar chart and height of bottom sheet area should be reduced to 0.

      Attached is the sample workbook. Thanks for your time