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    Displaying Survey Outputs that are numbers

    Rachel Horne

      I tried searching through the other discussions but haven't found an easy way to do what I would like without reformatting my data file prior to using Tableau.  Given I review this data weekly, I would like to find the most efficient method to ensure the responses that are numbers display as text OR could be labeled with text based on the number of responses for each number.  I am a newer user so know that are a lot of features in Tableau I have yet to use.


      Attached is variation of my underlying data as well as the workbook file.  For the data, columns in blue are the responses.  The numbers equate to different meanings based on the column.  I added a 'Key' tab to show what I want the responses to display as in Tableau.


      I added columns F & H to reflect what I have been doing to this data to format it to function as a true count of the number of responses rather than display as some other calculation.


      I know I can pivot the data (as I would have done in Excel prior to using Tableau) but my attempts have not been successful as of yet.  I had initially tried to join a data key with the survey responses, but that did not seem to work either.  Using sets was something I played around with a bit, but I would need multiple sets within the same set of responses and it seemed to be more black and white with included vs excluded - but I'd be happy to learn I missed something.


      Please advise the most effective method of using Tableau to allow me to either display a pivot as shown in the 'CSAT Pivoted' tab of the attached data file or the CSTA/EOB tabs in the workbook.  Or if there is a calculation I can apply to the data set so when a 1 is listed under column E for CSAT Response the data converts to text of 'detractors' that would also be helpful.


      A related issue that might be addressed by the above question, but I want Note: I tried to display the 'coding' data in the workbook where the measures display as dimensions.  I would like these all to be aggregated so the response for coding 1, coding 2, and coding 3 all add/sum the count of responses for each number. 


      Thank you in advance for your insight and expertise!