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    Newbie questions about Active Directory synchronization (v10+)

    Glauber Ribeiro

      This question applies to Tableau Server 10.5 or 2018.1.


      I have a lot of experience with managing local Tableau Server users, but very little with Active Directory users. There are a couple of points where the documentation doesn't seem clear to me, and i'm still a few days or weeks away from being able to have a test Tableau Server with AD authentication, to play with. I appreciate your comments.


      1. When i synchronize all groups, does that mean that every single group in the AD domain gets copied to Tableau Server? Or do i get to chose a subset of groups?
        • Does every single user in the AD domain become a Tableau Server user, or do i get to chose a subset of users?
      2. Do the groups in Tableau have to be named exactly the same as in AD?
      3. Since AD synchronization happens at the "All Sites" level, what happens if i have a multi-site Tableau Server configuration? How do users get assigned to sites?
        • What happens if the same group name exists in more than one site?