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    Error rendering views in Salesforce for Android

    Justin Hawkins

      We are currently rendering views in canvas components for Salesforce LEX and Salesforce mobile.  The views all render fine in LEX, Salesforce for iOS, mobile browsers (Android and iOS).  For some reason, the view returns an error in Salesforce for Android.


      Here is the error:

      Unexpected error


      An unexpected error occurred.  If you continue to receive this error please contact your Tableau Server Administrator


      Uncaught TypeError:  Cannot read property 'startup' of undefined


      The error is a Tableau error as pointed to by how the view looks to the end user and the fact that it is asking the user to contact their Tableau Server Administrator.  The error also seems to point to a JavaScript resource failing to load.  I have opened cases with both Salesforce and Tableau support and they current have a case open with each other.  My gut is telling me that Salesforce for Android is failing to load one of the JavaScript resources presented by Tableau, but I haven't been able to provide any proof of that and Salesforce would not fully agree with me.  Instead, they requested that Tableau open a support case with them directly which is currently still being worked.


      I was also informed that they Sparkler app is not technically supported by Tableau, so they recommended I come here and see if others have had this same issue.


      Has anyone else come across this error within Salesforce for Android?  Or, has anyone successfully rendered Tableau through a canvas component on Salesforce for Android?