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    Using "Aggregation" Filters on multiple worksheets

    Rodney Mohr

      I have been able to successfully make the technique shown in this Using a Table Calculation as Filter post work on a single visualization.


      The struggle I am having is that this "filter" doesn't work as a normal filter and give me options (right clicking on the filter) to add it to specific worksheets or the datasource or dashboard, etc..


      Even when I manually add the filter to different worksheets, they don't seem to be the same filter.


      Has anyone else experienced the same thing? have you been able to fix it if so?



      Rodney Mohr

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          Okechukwu Ossai

          Hi Rodney,


          Yes, I've experienced the same issue. Table calculation filters are not normal quick filters. They have their good uses but also come with many limitations. You can't add them to context or use them as global filters affecting multiple worksheets. This is because table calculation filters are computed within the current view only without affecting the underlying data source while quick filters are linked to the underlying data source.


          There is actually no workaround for this. The suggestion will be to exploit the strengths of Table calc filters. Use them only when you want to filter the view without filtering the underlying data source or for any other use case where they are applicable. If you prefer a global filter or context filters, then consider using a quick filter or parameter.


          Hope this helps.


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            Jim Dehner

            Good morning -

            Ossai is correct I would only add a comment - table calculations by their nature are built around the underlying table that supports the individual  viz (worksheet )

            The table calculation itself is almost at the bottom of the order of operation after all the filtering has been completed


            Image result for tableau order of operations


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