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    Graficos em Linhas com Curvas

    Adans Adpool

      Gostaria de uma ajuda se alguém já fez um grafico nesse estilo com linhas em curva.


      Vi esse exemplo no tableau publi e achei muito bacana e gostaria de aprender a fazer.


      Esse é o link para a pasta no public:

      Shortage of Affordable Housing in Larger German Cities | Tableau Public


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          kumar bharat

          Hi Adnas,

          Not sure how much of tableau u are aware technically.you need to get tableau desktop or tableau public installed and get the data in the format tableau understands.

          join the data or blend the data and create calculations if needed to build a visualization.

          There is lot of stuff online on tableau basics,i suggest please go through that before starting.

          hope it answers.