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    Need to call out NULL in a heatmap

    Vincent Baumel

      I'm trying to build out a heatmap of % values, but there are some intersections that are valid 0% and it's throwing off my ability to label the null values as "N/A" since I can't just use a ZN function. So something like this:


      But everywhere the intersection is blank I want to show "N/A". I've tried both of the following to no avail:


      IFNULL([Profit Ratio]) THEN "N/A" ELSE [Profit Ratio] END

      IIF(ISNULL([Profit Ratio]),0,[Profit Ratio])


      Eventually, I'd like to divide the color into 5 buckets as well. There won't be any negative values since the use case is showing a % completion metric, but like I said there might be valid 0% values.


      Any ideas?  Thanks!