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    Interactions between Dashboards

    Kamalakar M

      Hi All,


      need a help here !!!


      I have designed few dashboards.


      Example :


      Dashboard 1 is my Landing page (This has multiple worksheets summary details)

      Dashboard 2,3,4 etc. is my detailed view dashboards.


      Note: For each worksheet summary available on Landing page dashboard, the detailed view Dashboards are available.


      Now I want by clicking on a single worksheet summary, it should connect to its detailed view dashboard.


      Currently, I am clicking on each worksheet summary from Landing page dashboard and creating an action available under Dashboard menu. However, it is applying to all the worksheet available in the Landing page dashboard.


      Can you please help me in how do I create different filter actions for each of the worksheet and that should redirect to its relevant dashboards.


      Please help me on this.



      Kamal M

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          ShivaRam Chennapragada



          Assume this is your landing page, When I click on "State", notice the two sheets under it are filtered. I believe this is what currently happening on your landing page. Correct?


          If so, Under Dashboard > Actions > Select appropriate action and uncheck everything under "Target Sheets" like so,


          Now when I click on state, notice there is no effect on sheets under it.

          Similarly, I want to add a link to my 2nd dashboard. So when I click a state I want to go to Product sheet.

          Selecting the product sheet takes you to that sheet when a state is clicked. However, for simplicity purpose I unchecked views on the product, "checking" these means you're enforcing action on these views. It is solely up to you how you want these to be setup.


          Hope this helps.


          Thank you,