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    Problem of inconsistency in data sources

    Pablo Rodriguez




      I´m a beginner, and i need help about that

      The problem is that the sum in the excel file that i conect with Tableau, does not agrre with data shown in Tableau.


      For example:


      I have this view, only the sum of the amounts by product (Descripcion):


      I will check in the excel file if the amounts that sum for each product are correct



      So, in Tableau i got:

                                       SUM(SALVADO DE TRIGO): 5.958  /  348

                                       SUM(TORTA DE GIRASOL):  486  /  162

      And in the same excel file that I connect to tableau i got:

                                       SUM(SALVADO DE TRIGO):  993  /  58.44

                                       SUM(TORTA DE GIRASOL):  162.46  /  53.86




      Thanks in advance!


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